Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i have no acceptable reason why im deactivated my fb account.
im still tryin to get through the next hour without crying.
for god sake i hate being part of it.

i was so confused right now.
i hate my self for making him feeling save.
there's possibilities that he will left you when you cant give them what they want.

also high possibilities he feels bored.come onlah girll..most of them r looking for perfection. i didnt said all of them.

why are we always looking for someone serious when they just playing around?

so u have to face this
  that s for sure
  but dont let it ruin ur life
 face it

well. actually there's nothing serious happen. perhaps just PMS. sorry because im just that normal. 



puterinuraqiliah said...

PMS mmg gitu. nnti x psl2 jiwang semcm. kihkihkih

CHILL kak tulus:)

tulus sweet said...

akak ngah try chillah ni dear....:D

PMS! best part of women's life cycle!

diana amin said...

ish... ngt an btol2 broken heart. xmau xmau... hihi

tulus sweet said...

insyaallah takkan! hehe

Anonymous said...

suspen je :)

JIJI YU said...

HE's always with us...

najihatussolehah said...

hehe..ingt pe td...

nub said...

ingat liverpool. haha

puterinuraqiliah said...

go kak tulus! hehehe.. PMS..x leh nk lawan. kalau dh jiwang, jiwang lah. kalau dh hangin, hangin lah=,=