Thursday, May 19, 2011

i hate how weather change me myself

the weather in Beijing not being so nice to me.i hate how i get myself affected by the natural. physically, my feeling and emotional are unstable right now.i have to say  that im much and more good in jealousy now! so bodohlahkan....what is it to be jealous about huh?i have to face my mental illness, ALONE!
because i rather keep it myself. who's gonna listen to you when you re just too simple too naive.

for the truth, maybe it is the weather, so i got a big black pimple at my right cheek. urrgh~ it looks clearly like the same nuclear thing and ready to blow up! so who's here are willingly gonna blow it up for me? ( parut itu..:( )

and because of the weather, my sleeping time is taking my day and night schedule.really! my eyes wasnt really fully open right now. even in class. even just sitting on my bench with eye wide open, i can still feel it is just my second sleeping instead. 

maybe i will deactivated my facebok back. i am the kind of person who " suka membawa diri " dan " suka simpan dalam hati ".

 never really show it.


atieshariffuddin said...

jgnla smpi mcm tu tulus, drink a lot of water, pastikan tidur constant, n bila bgun tarik nafas pnjg2.. nnti senang sikit nk bukak mata time kt kelas...
pasal pimple?
senang je, slalukan cuci muka, mmg tgh season kot.. so, kene slalukan cuci muka.. :)

all the best tulus

JIJI YU said...

aku baru tau je ni..kekadang cuaca pon mempengaruhi wajah..terkesima kejap

puterinuraqiliah said...

dont keep it by urself. nnti mkn diri kak:)

peliklaaah sekarang ni. saya ni pun cepat terasa n jealous=,=
rs mcm nak tumbuk diri sendiri pun ad..