Thursday, May 19, 2011


lately takde photoshoot yang barulah..hehe. tapi i think im gona try my luck with tis honest and loving picture.

me and hidayah..eventhough we dont really have the same type on man, but we still looking for the best. :)
well, i dont really hoping to win so that the reward and fansy clothes will be mine, but i wish that tis friendship will last long and blossom till the day we meet Allah.

u've been tagged:

hehe. thanks..:)

ouh yea..about the prize...hurm..badan tak muatlah nak pakai..heheh. but kalau tak sesuai ngan badan sendiri i will give it to my beloved cousin.:)


cik heroin said...

cntik :)

✿Cik Bunge✿ said...

cantek gmbr >,<

shafmechy said...

thanks join..gud luk =)

follow u

Cik Eliza said...

wah ! nak juga ! hehe!


zEri sAfEerA said...

cantek ;)

Syafiqah Hashim said...

wahh! pika di tag jugak ye :)))

thanks dear!
nnty ada masa pika join ye..