Sunday, May 22, 2011

+susuegoodday's 1ST CONTEST!

                                  +susuegoodday's 1ST CONTEST!

sorry i have to wait untill the last minute nak hantar kat sue because of study comitment. hehe.

about the picture that im going to bet tis time, and the concept is, LOVE NATURE. well, its quite out of rules that you really want it to be but i just playing with my creativity . hehe. im the one who love nature so much. i dont know how much i love nature untill i cry when i saw my dad cutting my "pokok JAMBU" in front of my playyard. i admit it, i used to put the food wrapper in my pocket when there's no rubbish bin, even in my dad's car. i hate oil spilled, illegal animal killing, and all that. i wish there's something dat we can do for our own next generation. 

ouh ya..hurm. i dont really have name to tag. its not that i dont want my credit but i think its too late. hehe. sorry susueee..:(( my bad.

mother nature !everyone's responsibilities


ishiko said...

oh my.... nice foto ^^


akak comel:DD bak sini kepingan2 LOVE tu:) hehehe..........

goodluck semoga menang.

p/s: foto tu sgt2 chantekkk

sue. said...

so sweeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt....sue suka la...thanks sbb join ok dear.......tunggu keputusannya nanti..ok..?

tulus sweet said...

thankz ishiko, fie cyg, and puan sue.....:)

yea will waiting for result. :)

aQimie Ceplos said...

waaa... awsome! terbaik la sis :))
goodLuck ye :D

Imran nyambek said...


mi$sUn@3iRa said...

wah.. suka la tgk cik tulus tgkp gmbr sana sini.. bestnya ada dslr sndr.. so nice la pic2 ni.. jeles tgk.. cik tulus mmg cntk..

tulus sweet said...


tak puji akk comel ke kali ni? :D

tulus sweet said...

@ imran

terima kasih


tulus sweet said...

@ miss

tapi np semua cakap tu dslr? haha

puterinuraqiliah said...

ooohh..ini ke gmbr yg hari tu? cantik2! memang cantik bonaa..
kak tulus, life as u student beeest n quite tough=,=.. gempaklah!

tulus sweet said...

wei!!! haha . gila tak best...:)

atiqah said...

hello tulus sweet. i really really love your photos <3


tulus sweet said...

@ atiqah

thank you so much!