Friday, May 20, 2011

let the world in ur hand, akhirat is always come first!

have you ever had a friend or senior who back then remind you about aurat? and now when there's a picture of admin who their mutual friend with you are 101 but you have no idea who the hell she is, wearing a short skirt like a desperate muslimah, showing her breast and all part of her inner beauty body to public, and there she perfectly  act like no hari perhitungan someday, act like tis whole world is hers . all guy are the same. every guy can see her nice hair. her nice booty. pity husband.. ouch~ 

some of them said, TIS IS ME! THE REAL ME!

hey... ok. then is tis the real you that you wish prophet muhammad will give his blast someday? or is that is the way you wear for the prove for your amalan while you still have a chance? 

i really don care if a boy choose a hot girl after her nice naive girlfriend. because good girl is always for a good man. go! go find a wife who doesnt really care about Agama. starting from the second she becoming ur wife, every single layer of hair that shown, will be your responsibility. dont think that you know what marriage is. don think its like the part of ur life which is created by you, but is was you who choosed it. 

everyone has their own qadar of life. but i do believe, the first basic for all of the qadar written,there s always effort come first. everything that we do, everything that we said, start it with niat because of Allah, and Bismillah for the barakah.

ps: du'a fr our family in Palestin and Alfatihah for saudara blogger yang dikasihi Allah.

peace yaw~


Muhamad Zaki Zafir said...

kdg2 diorg ni pn ble org tgur dia kata kubur lain2 mati nanti,xpyh nk sibuk2 nk kalau mcm tu mati nanti pergilah mandi sndiri, kapan sndiri, tnm sndiri. :)

EZAN IDMA said...

kebanyakan lelaki skrg lebih suka prmpuan sexy , hee :) tp kalo pas kahwin permpuan tu brubah alhamdulillah :) cume, suami kene tau tanggungjawb masing2. i love this entry

cik najihah said...

follow sini :)
kalau berminat nak tengok pashmina & inner murah2 jom lah singgah sini


Naddia said...

harap2 akk pon tak terkeluar landasan jugak..

Mohd Shahir Shamsudin said...

nice entri sis.

memang ramai orang yang berperangai macam ni. yang tak boleh blah, ayat "belum sampai seru"...aishhh.seruan nak masuk neraka kot.