Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcoming Super Junior With "Jamuan Raya"...again??

4 of them are my gorgeous classmate, and the one on behind is my Teddy!

i cant barely eat, my mouth sick! its killing me...:((

these are my new arent they? ( saya taknak kalah kat Junior ok?) :p

And tis is second batch Senior. sangat Cool~

Muka-muka yg kena basuh baju Tulus inilah..:)

Garden Concept. Kelas tulus yg pertama buat party kat sini...deorang dapat idea dari kelas tulus. ok bangga...hee

My other classmate.. My bias!

Lets take a look at the Menu Serves

Turkish Bread. dare you guys to taste it! So delicious..

I only eat the cream, my mouth is minimizing its elasticity...:(
Mommy im sick!

for serious, i only eat tis "PUDING"

Kak Pikah and her roomates sponsor KARIPAP PANAS! thank sis...owe your Hard work!

kek batik. i DOnt know who made tis, but it taste so Good!

In the middle of the party my camera battery are so low so i have to climb up to my room to get the new battery, which located about lil bit far from the Party Location. When i came back from my room i found out all the Lontong, nasi himpit, Macaroni are GONE! omg~~ so i cant take the picture of them and put it in my blog just so that i can give you guys see it..SORRY.

I dont know why that evening my hand cant stop shaking, mybe it is cause by the Chinese Diet Tea that i drank tis morning..really, its freaking me out. And tonight i feel Dizzy, got bad flu, MISS MY MOM AND DAD , Homesick Symptoms! But yea i got fever..Today supposed to bring a lot of Happiness to me but i gotta to accept all of it Sincerely.. Because of Allah.

Just wondering how invisible we are to Embassy tis Eidulfitri...Havent got any invitation for raya yet...FRUST!


JIJI YU said...

tak habis2 raya engko ek..ekeke

Freaky said...

turkish bread nampak macam murtabak pulak. anyway syok nampak banyak makanan :D

✿Cik Bunge✿ said...

yummy sedap ye cream puff

shameel Iskandar said...

kalau raya ngan geng2 mcm ni taklah sunyi sgtkan. Paling tidak terubat jugak kerindua sama family kt Malaysia.

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

waa..meriahnya event itu :')
those dishes pun nampak sgt lovely ;)
hey, i know one of the girl in the 5th picture..yg pakai shawl color hijau standing besides a girl who's wearing black tudung..she's my junior when i was in primary school..salam to her ya!! ;)

Tulus Sweet said...


Akmal afiqah ke? i think she is..okay dear. nanti org kim salamkan! :)

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

opsss..i got mistyping..i mean she's my senior ;) hhe.

Ieyqa Adam said...

giloo besarr muko ak tempek eh? haha