Thursday, September 22, 2011

Atok...i miss you

i woke up at 5 to do the Subuh Prayer. When my body are so weak after waking up, and my feet are shaking, yes , i know whats goin on,  SAYA ADA MIMPI!

but kali ni aku mimpi pasal siapa pulak? boffie? buddies? ghossi? Mom , dad?

Then Ans is my Atok. we did have fun like the Good Old Day..

Atok....the one who sending and picking me up after class. (i mean, kindergarden)
Atok...the one who use his old motorcyle and take me to the ice cream stall so that i can have a nice evening meal
Atok...the one who use his old motocyle and take me around the village
Atok...the one who use his motorcyle and thought me how to  use it

but tis dream is so the one who riding the motorcyle for him.its my turn to pay back what he did for me. i can  still hear ur voice and you are so happy when other villages saw us together riding ur motorcyle like we use when i still young...

the picture is bluring not because it was haunted, but thats me on the right and my sis behind my granny's back. thank to my sis who edited tis picture and make me feels so miserable

cant wait to go home and meet them


JIJI YU said...


Rtp Farra Arisha said...

i'm touching by ur words to ur grandpa and grandma :')
send my regards (via call) to both of them :)

My Life's Journey said...

Hrmm sedih bace entri ni .. apapun, nice entri :)

Salam pekenalan dari umi

nokchit said...

miss u 2 atuk udo