Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Party,& the backyard GARDEN concept

Salam Rejab to all readers...its been a while since i dont have any idea for my new entry. but then ysterday, my classmate throwed a Birthday party for our classmate. he's 2+ now..its time to get matured yeaaa...:D

haha at first he wanted the idea of picnic,  and we re like having no idea the best park in town. it s summer guyssss..sorry~ im not gonna let anyone of us taking any risk of having skin cancer..or like going back home tis summer and have a dark skin. (it s for the girls tebie li) :D

since we dont have any guideline for the party, so the best we can do, find the nearest and homie place.
which lead to -Hostel Backyard- haha! LMAO! poor bday boy~

By planning well in advance and having everything on hand a few hours before, well except for the mat. so the party was so dynamic and simple. teachers and friends were all together for one wish. well of course tis is not a surprise birthday so the bday boy are actually, got to choose his fave malay dish to be served on that day. and he created the menu, and then we have like, Nasi Ayam with love by our very own chef, Shamimy. 

okay, no Dominos Pizza, no Big Apple, but one thing for sure, CUPCAKES! :D tis cupcakes is actually a homemade cupcakes baked by our senior. taste like Secret RECIPES. no kidding....

 my fave, red choc, the sour cream is soooo delicious!

vanilla cupcakes with oreo on it.  heaven~

who want some pudding? it's Shamimy's

tis is like..hurmmm...chinese tradition food and taste so sweet. 

Nasi Ayam! Nasi Ayam! ouh i wish i can have tis meal everyday!

 and the teachers loves it!

we love you!
although its quite spicy..but i think...hurm..nevermindlahhh! :D

omg laoshi is forcing herself to get Malay Bulat's eyes!

this is us..teacher's are more than just a teachers.we re supposed to be like sister.

guess what's hidden in there? ( peti ais i think )

force 'emself to be cute..:D

 really, ieyqa adam cant get enough of me..:)

okay tis is actually my dearest roomate,tiena , i dont know nothing else bout her but i know she loves to eat!

do i have a Chinese look?

p:s// sorry..terlupa pasal Belon. hehe..


JIJI YU said...

mane yang ko masak weh..

tulus sweet said...


diana amin said...

hua!!!! sedapnyew! jeles * hik3

suha said...

sampaikan salam cik suha pada besday boy ek (^_^)

puterinuraqiliah said...

kak giler buat b'day party kat garden! syoooknya!

jom buat gathering mcm ni!

angkasa said...

nasi ayam kt perantauan?mm menariks!

Raden said...

humngai..bestnye tulus!!! nk juge....!!

tulus sweet said...


jeles? hihi

tulus sweet said...



tulus sweet said...


bagus gak idea tu...

tulus sweet said...


bukan sahaja menarik,malah sodap


tulus sweet said...

sejak bila akk tukar nama?

puterinuraqiliah said...

kan kan kan:)