Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why they don't respect US?

  1. we do the prayer, but we still cheating,songlap money
  2. we re lazy Malay student as well as the Malay workers, why we cant be the dedicated person one?
  3. whether you re a teacher, a student, the boss, minister as well, always late
  4. we dont follow the sunnah, the men are no longer protecting the women,abuse child and women
  5. and the women thought they re able enough to make choice on how they supposed to wear, act, thinking, and all that
  6. the husband dont help the wife preparing the meals like the prophet does
  7. we acting so arrogant
  8. we dont respect the old
  9. we dont respect our muslim sisters and brothers
  10. we forgot to respect other race and their religion
  11. we fight stupidly with our Indonesian sisters and brothers on the youtube, very sad and annoying stuff
  12. sharing one religion and country but we are like a monkey meet a cimpanzi when we watch football in a stadium 
  13. we support the Zionist American and Israel, we still eating at mcd and buy cappucino at starbucks
  14. we allowed other's culture in our daily akhlak and akidah
  15. we dont wear what a proper Muslim and Muslimah should wear
  16. we always thought that the future will always be ours, but we dont do anything actually
  17. we supposed to stop smoking as it leads to harm our health, and burn money where we can use it to sedekah for the needed
  18. last but not least, I , You, We used english

Sepatutnya kita yang ajar mereka tentang adab sopan, cara didikan agama yang betul, betapa indahnya sunnah Nabi jika diamalkan setiap hari, betapa indahnya Islam itu sendiri, betapa perlunya Islam dalam kehidupan, kalau mereka percaya pada kita, InsyhaAllah , mereka juga percaya pada Islam. 

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