Monday, May 28, 2012

Kiniku mula hargai jasa abang

my hero

as i feel like facebooking. nothing to do la tonight. will be sleeping by 12 AM. I saw this picture. Its about a brother who show his love to his younger sister. happen to me when i was 4 years old. my brother and i we re walking by the river. and i have no idea where i put my shoes are. there's bushes and thorns. when my brother saw me walking painfully, he tried to take off his shoes and willingly to give it to me. and i look into his eye and ask, "But how about you then?" . he look at me and said, " its okay. my foot are stronger than you are. Its doesnt make any sense! the thorn were so sharp. i refused! and later he said, if that so, let me carry you home.

Im 21 years old now. i wish i could turn back time, and wear my shoes so that he doesnt have to worry bout my painfull foot. Thank you Ayung, Angah.

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Suhami Ahmad said...

so sweet...nanti atok kenankan ngan cucu dara atok vley?